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Agency Services 

Gleacher & Company provides an ideal solution for firms that originate syndicated loans or need a successor agent. Gleacher & Company’s Agency Services division is an independent, third-party bank loan agent, offering a full-service agency function including driving restructuring and amendment processes, creating a market in bank debt, in addition to providing back office and administrative duties. Gleacher & Company’s secondary loan trading desk provides daily marks for bank loans where Gleacher & Company is administrative agent, and provides efficient and effective trade execution.


Gleacher & Company does not have any of the inherent conflicts that other administrative agents and dealers have because we do not take lending positions nor do we have proprietary trading positions.

  • Services provided include: 
    • Organizing conference calls and communication amongst lender group
    • Managing amendment processes
    • Managing credits through Chapter 7 and 11 proceedings and out of court restructurings
    • Chairing steering committees
    • Serving on Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors
    • Credit document review
    • Preparation and distribution of notices to syndicate lenders as required by Credit Agreement
    • Reminders
    • Rollovers/Rate Sets
    • Interest calculation and reconciliation for each accrual period
    • Billing, collection and distribution of principal, interest, and fees
    • Collection and distribution of financial statements and other compliance documents as required by Credit Agreement
    • Maintaining register
    • Coordination of assignment agreement documentation
    • Processing of assignments
    • Tax reporting and filings
For more information, please contact:
Joanna Anderson